I’m a German lost in tropical food paradise and this is my story…

**This blog is simply meant to share my passion for great food and the admiration for the high skills of cooking. I am focusing on sharing only positive experiences that show  a simple mirror of my personal opinion and taste, hoping to help other food lovers finding and trying out new places. Still the best way of judging yourself is to go out there and ‘Get Your Grub On!’  

If you have any recommendations please let me know under getmygrubon@gmail.com thanks!


All pictures on this blog are my own and all rights are my personal property. Feel free to use them (for non-commercial use) but please be kind and refer or link to getmygrubon.co. If you would like to use any pictures commercially please just drop me a short email at getmygrubon@gmail.com.

UPDATE April 27, 2015:

As some of you might know, I moved back to Germany end of last year and had a lot of things to organize first besides the actual settling back into a culture and country I haven’t been living in for the last 7ish years. I decided to take a little sabbatical before diving back into a new job and used it to learn how to snowboard, visited many friends, all my siblings and the rest of my family, started signing up for language courses and am now in the midst of finding and applying for a new job, that can excite and inspire me.

I already had a huge backlog of articles from Asia and meanwhile also visited a good handful of countries (and some of their restaurants) here – Netherlands/Holland, Switzerland, France, Southern Spain and Italy – which you might have recognised from my Instagram, Twitter or Foursquare (Swarm) postings. I wanted to wait a little longer until I’m more settled but all the fantastic food I came across made me miss this blog and how it accompanied me during the past three years. Furthermore from my point of view there is an undoubtable need for more foodblogs in Europe, particularly Germany, that tackle restaurants, food trucks, pop-ups etc. as I have quite a hard time finding information about places I would like to visit or finding out about the actual restaurant in the first place. I think you wouldn’t have a problem in places like Berlin and Munich but otherwise the field of foodblfoggers seems rather scattered and the majority is concentrating on home cooking and recipes.

Because of all this I decided to immediately revamp my blog as a predominantly European – not limited to – version of getmygrubon.com. Maybe not in the same high paced frequency as before but to keep it going and fill it up slowly for people out there like you and obiously myself. Also Asia hasn’t seen the last of me yet.

So watch out and thanks for sticking around.

Sincerely, Nik

    • hey jonathan, thanks heapz! ur place looks nice and is not far off my work so I might pop by for lunch someday! cheers!

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