Megumi @Sunset Way (Singapore)

It’s Udon Week Folks!

imageI seem to be having a run on udon noodles recently and so again today. One of my colleagues mentioned this place many times before and since he had the car we united the lunch crew and head for Sunset Way to eat at ‘Megumi Japanese Restaurant’. In the spirit of whole complex it’s in the place doesn’t look too exciting at first, just a small tidy restaurant with a small sushi bar.

Following my colleague’s recommendation I ordered the ‘Gyu Udon‘ (beef). This was a huge portion but well trained as I am I still finished it up in no time. The soup was your typical udon broth but infused entirely with beefy flavor. It wasn’t cleared so there were clouds of protein and meat fibre floating on the surface but that added extra aroma and so was no show stopper. The noodles were plenty but just cooked a minute too long so I missed the usual udon chewiness. The beef was super lean and tasted great and beefy just the texture was quiet soft which made me wonder if they tenderized it before. The last component was a spinach like green which fitted the bowl nicely and added another texture to the pond.

I’m pretty glad we finally made it out here, another satisfying lunch option found, and so I am looking forward to when my colleague gets the car again next time.

Megumi Japanese Restaurant                                                                                                                        Block 106 Clementi Street 12                                                                                                                         #01-64                                                                                                                                                       Singapore 120106         


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